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Test Items
Terylene Yarn
Single yarn strength machine
Tensile strength and Break elongation rate of yarn
Tensile strength machine
Tensile strength and Break elongation rate of filament
Sample skein winder
Count of yarn and silk
Rubber density meter
Mixed rubber density
Plastic degree test machine
Mixed rubber plastic degree
Hot air ageing machine
Rubber aging test machine
Hardness gauge
Vulcanized rubber hardness
Rubber Lining
Thickness test instrument
Wall thickness of rubber lining
Vernier calipers
Width of rubber lining
Vulcanized Rubber Lining
Pressure gauge
Working pressure of fire hose
Fire Hose
Universal test machine
Rubber strength and adhesion
Fire hose pressure test device
Burst Pressure of fire hose
Pretest of material, process test, after process test---Test from beginning to end, to ensure each fire hose 's quality is qualified.