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Our company specializes in producing ¡°TuoYu¡± brand fire hose with advanced technology, excellent quality, variety categories, and complete functions. Our annual production capacity is about 20 million meters. We main have five big series: EPDM, TPU, Rubber, PVC and Duraline fire hose. As for couplings, we have Storz Coupling, John Morris Coupling, American Style Coupling, and Machino Coupling etc, made of copper or aluminum. We can provide the binding service or related adequate and systematic service for you.

In view of the global various fire hose market, our company has established products design and development center, positively introduces the outstanding specialized technical persons and unceasingly purchases advanced production equipment and inspection facility. After studying fire hose standards of various countries, we use new technical craft, new material to develop the special function product with bold innovation, and guarantee the product meeting customer¡¯s requirements.

As one of Chinese biggest fire hose production enterprises, we have three production factories, 150 circular looms, five advanced production lines and the daily production capacity can reach 70,000 meters. To enhance our core competitiveness, every year we invest large amount funds to improve our production equipment and expand production capacity. We believe that foundation decides future and brand creates achievements.

Our company looks product quality as life. We fully implement ISO9001-2008 quality control system and fulfil exactly each standard and operating procedure to control the production process and details, so as to ensure product quality stability and beauty appearance. We positively apply for the fire hose international authentication or approval, and devotes in creating fire hose world brand.

In Sep. 2010, our new product ¨C anti-fire medicament officially gets into production and its ten variety products have passed fire prevention product type approval of Chinese Ministry of Public Security at a time.

Our anti-fire medicament's production technology and equipments can meet the international requirements with high beginning and high standard. We will face the upscale market and the international market directly to set up our own brand image.

Your expectation is our pressure, also the power which spurs us going forward. Just like people saying: No Pressure, No Power.