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Nearly ten years of development, sanjiang fire by the national and local fire competent leadership, partners, suppliers and customers, friends and the vast number of consumers with a consistently care, consistent expectations. It is this social concern and expected to be support sanjiang people strive constantly for self-improvement, the enterprising spirit.

After from small to large growth, sanjiang fire already from my personal career and become a social cause. All the staff and with offices in fire fighting equipment as the carrier, make work and career, make happy life and family. This period, I have met many fire world famous people, everyone from the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit business partner, be like-minded friends.

In the attainment of sanjiang fire on the road, I was fortunate to and a large number of like-minded colleagues and mutual respect, mutual complementary aspects, the difficult career deductive into creative work, the ordinary work accumulation into a magnificent performance.

A long way, the repair is distant. The value of the individual man is not have how much wealth, but in the society to create more value. Looking to the future, my colleagues and I will adhere to the enterprise as a platform, to the sanjiang fire hit to cause the most outstanding fire equipment supplier, provide reliable quality, stability and meet the national standards of quality products, services in China fire cause. With the constant development of sanjiang fire, the return of family, employees return, return society, realize self value!